MGT503 – Principles of Management Assignment no. 1 2019

Principles of Management (MGT503)
Assignment No.1
Marks: 10
Due Date: January 23, 2019
Objective of the Assignment: To familiarize students with the Techniques for
Assessing the Organization’s Environment.
Learning Outcomes: After attempting the assignment students will be able to know
how to practically apply the “Techniques for Assessing the Organization’s Environment”.
Organization: Alpha Tires LLC. Region: Gulf
Global tire industry is being dominated by the three big manufacturers namely Michael Inc.,
Bright Inc. and Goody Inc.. Cumulatively they have 60% of world’s market share.
Being prudent, manager of Alpha Tires LLC after continuously gathering information about
his organization’s environment found that Michael Inc. wants to acquire a small local tire
manufacturer in Gulf region. Michael Inc.’s intention is to acquire and then upgrade its
factory to penetrate Gulf market. Similarly Brite Inc. and Goody Inc. are also exploring ways
to enter Gulf market.
Manager of Alpha Tires LLC has forecasted that competition will intensify in one years’
time. Manager remarked that the “Big Three” are entering into our tires market to make their
way into the Gulf region where we have dominant market share. Gulf region is a next
lucrative market for the big three.
The Big Three have huge manufacturing capabilities due to advanced technology. They
mostly cater to generic market with low cost and higher production focus for mass market
onslaught. Whereas, Alpha Tires LLC has brand reputation of excellent quality and high
performance tires suiting the status of quality and performance conscious Gulf customers.
But manufacturing capabilities are low. However there is an ever increasing demand in high
performance tire segment.
1. Enlist and justify (with clues from scenario) the techniques employed in
the given scenario for assessing the Alpha Tires LLC’s environment. (6
(Max Words 70) (Hint: You have to identify name and then mention clues from the scenario
that lead you to enlist particular technique)
Technique Justification
2. Identify only one Strength, weakness, Opportunity and Threat for Alpha
Tires LLC from scenario. (4 Marks)
Alpha Tires LLC SWOT Analysis
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