How to Apply for Ehsaas Emgergency and Insaf Imdad Program

The Government of Pakistan announces the Ehsaas Emergency Program and Government of Punjab Announce the Insaf Imdad Program for needy persons.

Under the Insaf Imdad Program, the government of Pakistan and Punjab Government distribute Rs. 4000/- each month to daily paid workers affected due to the lockdown of COVID-19.

Registration Started from 1st April 2020

Apply for Ehsaas Emergency Program (Government of Pakistan)

Visit link and provide CNIC Number and submit your data.

After submission of your data it redirects to another page where you can submit your occupation.

You can check the status of your application by sending your CNIC Number to 8171.





After the successful submission of your data you get the below message.


Ehsas Emergency Program



Apply for Insaf Imdad Program (Government of Punjab)

By Sending Message

  • Write “Imdad” space “CNIC Number” space “your name” and send it to 8070
  • After sending message you will receive a confirmation message from 8070




Through android mobile app


Insaf Imdad Android Application



Apply for Insaf Imdad Program online from official website