How to Set Up Instant Articles?


This guide outlines the quickest way to begin producing and sharing Instant Articles on Facebook. Setup involves a one-time manual review by Facebook that may take several weeks due to recent changes to the review process.

1. Sign Up

If you haven’t done so already, sign up your publication for Instant Articles and access the tools you’ll use to get started.
When you sign up you’ll select the Facebook Page you want to use to manage your Instant Articles. You’ll find all the tools you need for your initial setup by going to Publishing Tools on the top of your Facebook Page and selecting Configuration under Instant Articles in the left-hand navigation bar.

2. Create a Style

Create one or more new design styles to customize the look and feel of your Instant Articles. You’ll need to upload a logo that will appear on all your articles before submitting for review.
To create and modify styles, go to Configuration in Publishing Tools and scroll down to Styles.

3. Import Your Articles

Decide how you want to import your articles to Facebook and convert them to Instant Articles.
If you use a third-party publishing platform, like WordPress or Drupal, use one of our plugins for the easiest setup and maintenance. Learn how to set up the Instant Articles for WP plugin and see which other partners maintain third-party tools for Instant Articles.

If you have a team of developers or use a custom content management system (CMS), use the Instant Articles API or build a dedicated RSS feed.

4. Connect Your Site

Authorize your site to begin converting your articles to Instant Articles.
To register your site’s URL and find the code, go to Configuration in Publishing Tools and scroll down to Connect Your Site.

If you use the WordPress plugin, you’ll only have to input your URL, which you’ll do when setting up the plugin. If you use our API or an RSS feed, you’ll also need to add a piece of code to theof your website’s HTML.

5. Submit 10 Articles for Review

Every new publisher must be approved by Facebook before publication can begin. Content is manually reviewed to make sure that all publishers are following our content guidelines and Monetization Eligibility Standards.
Make sure you’re ready to submit with our Submission Checklist. Use the Facebook Pages Manager app to preview Instant Articles on your mobile device. Download it for iOS or Android if you don’t have it already.

Prepare 10 articles for review, then go to Configuration and click Submit for Review under Step 2.

Review may take 3-5 business days.

6. Begin Sharing

Once your Instant Articles feed has been approved, you’ll be ready to go.
Distribute your Instant Articles as you would with any link: Just compose a new post, include the article link, and share! Instant Articles are never posted to your page automatically.

Best practices and tips

Instant articles can be created three ways—pick the right method for you
If you don’t have a team of developers, a plugin is the easiest to set up and maintain. This is great for bloggers or independent publishers using third-party publishing platforms. Instant Articles currently has plugins by WordPress and Drupal and offers native support through eight other partners.

If you use a custom CMS, setting up a dedicated RSS feed or using the Instant Articles API are the ways to go. The main difference between the two is that using the API allows you to manage articles and receive errors and alerts instantaneously through your own CMS. If you use a dedicated RSS feed, Facebook pulls articles from the feed several times an hour, and you’ll need to use the Publishing Tools section of your Facebook Page to delete articles and see errors and alerts.

Download the Pages Manager app to check your articles before review
Confirm that all your web content is translating into Instant Articles correctly and completely. Download the Pages Manager app for iOS or Android to preview your Instant Articles. Check that your images, videos, text and iframe embeds match those in the mobile web version of your article.

Missing content is the number one issue we see when reviewing sample articles—especially iframe embeds!—and this can slow down the approval process. It’s much better to double check first and troubleshoot on your own.

Copy our code samples
You can find ready-to-use HTML markup throughout Instant Articles’ documentation and tools. Copy it and speed up your development process exponentially. For a comprehensive set of sample markup, use the Code Samples. Here you’ll find code snippets for every Instant article element, from the header image to the related articles unit in the footer.

Our second recommended markup source is the series of example articles that come pre-loaded in your Instant Articles library. These demonstrate complete, working articles with live media. Refer to them for layout strategies and to see how advanced features combine to create immersive effects. Use the Pages Manager app on your mobile device to preview these articles. Then access sample code by clicking on Publishing Tools on your Page and clicking Example Articles in the left navigation bar under Instant Articles.

Remember that Instant Articles and Page posts are two different things
Creating an Instant Article does not add a new post automatically to your Facebook Page. To share a link to an Instant Article, you must still compose and publish a new post with the article link.