A new tool introduced to avoid Fraudulent Websites

There is a new tool introduced in the market that can detect whether a website is real or not real.

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What are fraudulent detection tools?

Fraud detection tools allow organizations to manage and prevent high-risk, fraudulent, or fraudulent online transactions. These tools can continuously monitor multiple metrics, such as financial transactions, device and user behavior, orders, etc. 

With the rapid increase in online sales, e-commerce fraud has also increased. Cybercriminals are carefully targeting merchants. These tools monitor e-commerce fraud and help protect online merchants from substantial revenue loss.

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Get Safe Online:

This tool is for authenticity detection. It works with Cifas, an anti-fraud agency. This agency provides security to the customer by providing reports on the website.

Get Safe Online is a new tool introduced to avoid fraudulent websites. A UK-based company designed this tool to directly detect the reliability of a website, which helps people to judge the credibility of a website, whether the website is real or not.

This UK leading resource can assess whether a website is real or fake and tells about the rightfulness of a website by providing a trust score for the website.

A scam detecting tool:

Get Safe Online is a Fraud detection tool that allows organizations and institutions to manage and prevent fraud and fake or deceitful online activities. This tool can constantly check various metrics, such as monetary transactions, user attitude, demands, etc. 

With the rapid increase in online businesses, the e-commerce scam has also doubled. This tool looks after an e-commerce scam and saves online merchants from significant losses.

Inform About Security:

This website checks the accuracy of the website. It also investigates a website’s SSL certificate. This certificate explains the security of the website.

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