A Voice-based App is Coming to Diagnose Diseases

Researchers are creating a database of human voices that can be used to diagnose diseases using artificial intelligence tools. The National Institute of Health is trying to convert the human voice into a tool as a biomarker in disease diagnosis.

With this research now, doctors can diagnose diseases like pneumonia, autism, depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and strokes via human voice. Now the doctor will record the patient’s voice and generate data to compare it with another person’s voice for generating results.

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Generally, blood or temperature are used to diagnose complex diseases, but scientists now believe that the human voice can detect diseases that are flourishing in your body and are investigating this point. One thing you can learn from this research is that it is a very accessible type of information. Still, we need to make a system as the most difficult challenge is developing data collection standards.

Previously, a voice was used to determine the disease. Alexa uses this technology to determine depression and anxiety and how serious a physical illness is, like a sore throat.

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