After iPhone 14 Release Hilarious Jokes & Memes are Spreading like Wildfire 

The American technology company, Apple, was hit by memes as soon as it introduced the new iPhone. While Apple introduced the best and cheapest phones ever, the company also introduced the new Watch and AirPods. For the first time, the phone has security features that no other carrier offers. Apart from this, the iPhone also has security functions for emergency messages and phone calls. That is, as soon as there is an accident involving the owner of the mobile, the mobile will automatically notify the aid agencies through a telephone or emergency message, as well as the user. You will also inform your close family and friends about the accident.

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Apple has also introduced the facility of calling or sending messages with the help of satellite phones. This time, Apple has also upgraded the camera technology with a major change. When the new iPhones were introduced, people started sharing funny tweets on Twitter. Some people described the iPhone 14 as the same iPhone 13 that was introduced last year, while some tweeted about its price and other features, including design. Apple kept the iPhone 14 even lower, but despite this, some people seemed to joke about the price of the phone. On this occasion, Apple has set the starting price of the iPhone 14 at $800.

Some users complained that the iPhone 14 is the same as the one Apple has been offering for the last four years. Some users wrote that Apple has introduced the iPhone 14 here, and some people are still using Android phones. Among all these jokes about kidney sales and getting an iPhone 14, this one is still popular after years too.

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