Amazon Alexa’s New feature Helps Users Communicate With Family And Friends Even After Their Death

Amazon Alexa will help consumers talk to family members even after they die. Amazon is planning a new feature for Alexa that will allow users to communicate with their family and friends even after their death.

Amazon Alexa will soon sound like your dead relative. Amazon unveiled the next Alexa feature during a conference. Amazon announced this during the Mars Conference, which takes place in Las Vegas.

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Currently, Alexa can control your smart home appliances, play music from different streaming giants, and even communicate in many languages. Amazon Alexa’s new feature helps users communicate with their family and friends even after their death. Amazon announced this during a Conference. Alexa does not have some supernatural powers. 

“It required inventions where we had to learn how to produce high-quality sound with less than a minute of recording time in the studio. We live in the golden age of AI, where our dreams and science fiction are reality” . said the senior vice president and vice president of Amazon. Alex Prasad’s lead scientist, Rohit Prasad, said. Prasad said the idea is to keep memories alive even after losing someone during an epidemic.

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As reported, Amazon showed a demo video during the conference, where Alexa was asked, “Alexa, can Grandma kill me by reading The Wizard of Oz?” Alexa looked precisely like the grandmother of the child who had died. While this feature sounds interesting, Twitter users have had mixed reactions.

Reacting to the new Alexa feature, one Twitter user wrote: “I’m so heartbroken I deleted a bunch of voicemails from my phone last month because it was getting full and a few days later my dad died his girlfriend had videos of the”. . Singing and playing guitar, so I have that. But now I’m afraid to delete the voicemails at any time.”

Another Twitter user highlighted the ups and downs of the feature. He wrote: “This (or similar) technique has already been (mostly) used in corporate fraud. Requesting an immediate bank transfer… I mean, there must be a serious license for this product. Sad lobbying power.”

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