Amazon Has Suspended Over 13,000 Pakistani Seller Accounts Due To Policy Violation

Amazon is the most earning app for people, no matter where they belong. Recently it has been reported that in the last year, Amazon will open the ways for the Pakistanis. As we know, we have to deal with our relatives residing out of Pakistan. We need a productive way to do our exchange dealings without any issues. From where we can sell or purchase our products without any long process.

Amazon provides a good option for Pakistani users to open an amazon account to enhance their business productivity and do good earnings. But Pakistani users of amazon accounts exploited this opportunity, due to which amazon took action and started to ban the Pakistani users’ accounts as they broke the rules even knowing the legal policy.

Amazon is the best earning way for the world because people have considered it a global world sales app where you can start your business without any interest. Pakistani youngsters played a significant role in introducing the amazon app in Pakistan and starting a business. The names of these legendary people can’t neglect. In this regard, SIR Saqib Azher and their colleagues respect Sunny Ali, and the role of Rehan Allahwala can not refuse.

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Due to this helpful expert team, Pakistani people became familiar with how to use amazon and how to start a business with small amounts. Because of this expert team, hundreds of Pakistan users become able to do a successful business and earn dollars to make a good and better living standard.

As far as the user followed policy rules, everything was going smoothly. It provided every guideline for users to guide them to open their selling accounts. For account opening, pay a reasonable fee.

But with time, some things started to create problems when amazon provided some verifications and documentation work to open the selling account. It requires some account verification.

In the beginning, things were going smoothly because due to selling accounts, international exchange of goods was possible to make amazon gateway can do that only. Many Pakistani sellers of amazon misuse amazon to earn profit in significant amounts and start to exploit the app by going against the law and policy and beginning to use indirect access to benefit their business.

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Amazon officially announced the names of Pakistani cities involved in this awful reputation work. These cities are in the province of Punjab, named Mian Channu, and one more city known as Sahiwal. People belonging to both these cities as fraud sellers as people from these cities break the law and policy and do fraud with their customers.

Amazon alerted the people, and in this regard, amazon banned Mian Channu’s and Sahiwal users’ accounts by using IP addresses. By blocking and applying a ban on these accounts, the fraud sellers will not be able to open or use the account.

Tricks that the fraudsters use such as

  • By doing fake orders to customers
  • The card used to block the account
  • Using mails

Fraudsters receive the orders but don’t provide the users with their required product within 10-15 days as per the policy mentioned by amazon. Sellers take a time of 20 days, and in this way, the customer never gets their product, and in this way, the payment comes to the seller account.

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Some loyal sellers are also facing the issue and fear for their accounts that amazon might disable or ban. Amazon has permission to restrict or block the seller’s account if anyone violates the law and policy.

Amazon has made decisions for further use for Pakistani seller users. One thing has been clear: no user can’t escape from the amazon community if the person is using black ways to earn profit. Pakistani sellers now beware of the latter terms as amazon has banned thousands of accounts of Pakistani users.

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