Apple iOS 15.6 Update Cause Battery Issues

Apple updated iOS 15.6 last week users were facing battery issues. After taking a long time, Apple updates the iOS 15.6 last week. This update fixed several major bugs, including the settings app issue, even though there is free storage.

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Many iPhone users downloaded this update, and several criticized that iOS 15.6 takes a lot of battery life. Users reported that their iPhone batteries died after the update. 

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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a researcher at ZDNet, said having a new OS on an iPhone starts many things in the background, and the process takes hours or even can last for days. These processes also use power, and battery recalibration makes the view of the battery drain faster, but it is not.

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Kingsley-Hughes said that if he is worried about the battery of his iPhone and they just got the iOS 15.6 updates a few days ago or checks his battery.

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Kingsley-Hughes said if you update iOS 15.6 some days before and you are worried about the battery of your iPhone, then immediately check it.

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Users claim Apple’s new iOS 15.6 update is ruining battery life within some hours. Last week Apple for its users released this software update. Apple’s iOS 15.6 can deal with many bugs and related issues.

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