Apple Launching Nasty Photo Censorship Feature in Messenger

Apple has introduced the option to blur absurd images in a few countries in its messenger, which automatically censors photos and has been taken care of, especially in children’s messenger. Apple automatically senses the images and is especially special in the messenger. iOS, macOS, and iPadOS in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada soon be able to have this feature of sense the image, but the final date of its release is not known publicly. Note that this option only applies to Company Messenger.

Scanning and making visibility of images blur on the receiver’s device and will not affect the sender while encoding from one user to another is ensured in the same way. With this regard, the options under Apple Family Sharing applied. These options are specifically for sending and receiving photos to protect the children from indecent videos and pictures. If someone sends you a vulgar photo, then, if the receiver wants, he can come out of the conversation and block this person from the further chat.

This option of conversation safety has already been released in the United States and introduced as ‘automatic censorship’ in August. In August last year, Apple introduced another option of an algorithm that defines if an image is a child’s dirty image before uploading it to iCloud. But it was criticized for some technical reasons. Apple has also introduced these options in Spotlight, Siri, and Safari that prevent inappropriate content from occurring in the search and especially provide care to the children by blurring vulgar pictures.

 Apple introduced this automatically makes nude photos blur when sent to children by using Apple’s company messaging service, blurriness of image done by scanning in the messenger. These changes in safety rules keep the child safe from online sexual abuse. This feature will be soon for other countries too.

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