Apple Rolling Out iOS 15.5 With New iPhone Features

Apple is rolling out iOS 15.5 to bring some new iPhone features before WWDC 2022.WWDC is Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This year this conference WWDC22 will begin on Monday, 6 June 2022, and end on Friday, 10 June 2022. The new iPhone update is not full of features, and you probably won’t find any changes, but there are several additions meant to satisfy regulators. Apple introduces a new iOS 15.5 update for eligible iPhone users.

This update is not so much user-friendly, but the increase will satisfy regulators. The iOS 15.5 update is approximately 600-700 MB in size and can install immediately. Apple’s best-selling smartphone has introduced a surprise update for the iPhone. The new iOS 15.5 update is now available to all eligible iPhone users. The new iPhone update is not full of features, and you probably won’t notice any changes. But there are several additions meant to appease regulators, who are unhappy with Apple’s in-app purchase system on iOS.

Despite its focus on internal optimizations, iOS 15.5 adds something. For example, the Apple Wallet app now has many buttons that allow Apple Card users to send or receive instant money with just a tap. The Apple Podcasts app will not allow you to limit the number of episodes of the podcast series that will automatically download. After updating your iPhone to iOS 15.5, you’ll see a new Wi-Fi signal bar that lets you make sure the Home app has a HomePod connection.

The Home app now alerts users to notifications that require their immediate attention, whether the iPhone is in silent or DND mode. The update also includes various bug fixes that will improve the experience. Apple said in a release note that the update fixes a bug affecting home automation.

Apple Says For iOS 15.5:

Apple’s release notes for iOS 15.5:

  • The wallet now allows Apple Cash users to send and request money from their Apple Cash Card. 
  • Apple Podcasts include a new design to limit the number of episodes stored on your iPhone and automatically delete old ones.
  • It solves the problem of bugs affecting home automation.

Apple’s new iOS 15.5 is not a big thing in terms of the features users use, but according to 9to5Mac, the build relies on something called “outside purchase.” It indicates that Apple is working to allow some apps to offer users an external payment system, in line with changes to the App Store that Apple announced last month. iOS 15.5 builds on this capability, which means the next update may bring it. 

Apple has announced that it will allow some apps to link to third-party payment services after receiving intense scrutiny from regulators present in the world. Apple faced accusations of dominating the ecosystem payment system and charging a hefty 30% fee on every transaction. South Korea and the Netherlands have already ordered Apple to provide customers with more payment options for digital purchases made within the app.

Download iOS 15.5:

The latest iOS update, 15.5, is available in the General tab of the Settings option. To download and install the app, tap Software Update. To install the latest update from Apple, make sure your device has an active Internet connection.

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