Apple to Replace Lightning Ports With USB Type-C Next Year

 According to the latest report, the upcoming Apple AirPods lineup will have a USB Type-C charging case. Rumors say that Apple will launch the USB-C port update next year.

Apple has decided to replace the Lightning Ports for all its devices with USB Type-C ports because of the ruling of the European Union that named USB type-C as the standard charging port.

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Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will launch USB Type-C charging cases in the year 2023. He further said that this year, the upcoming AirPods Pro 2 will support the Lightning port.

It is not clear whether the upcoming Apple AirPods Pro will feature a USB Type-C port or not. The authorized publication is predicted in the imminent months. Rumors suggest that Apple will feature the same Lightning port this year, but we have to wait for the official announcement. 

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