Apple Working on iPhone 14 Production In India

According to the report, the US tech company is considering various options after Beijing’s conflict with Washington and the nationwide Covid lockdown have affected production. Apple is moving some iPhone products from China to other countries, including Mexico, Vietnam, and India, as they seek to shift production from China after Covid.

Apple will bridge the production gap between India and China for the new iPhone 14. Apple is producing its new iPhones in India months earlier than previous models, a sign the company is expanding production further from its traditional basis. China, where Covid-related lockdowns and geopolitical tensions have increased risks for businesses. Analysts Ming-Chi Kuo said that iPhone production takes place in both countries at the same time, for expanding Apple’s supply chain.

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Foxconn Technology Group said these matters are confidential because Apple maintains its high privacy standards. After an initial launch in September, the first iPhone 14s is likely to arrive in India in late October or November. Indian festival Diwali, which begins on October 24, people of India think it will be an ambitious goal to launch iPhone production near Diwali in India.

Matching China’s iPhone production pace is a major milestone for India, which touts its appeal as an alternative at a time when the Covid-19 lockdown and US sanctions have forced factories to close across the World. By leaving, China’s position has been threatened. Assembling iPhones involves coordinating hundreds of suppliers.

Apple working in India is not official, but maybe in the future, it happens for, now Apple is looking to expand the production of its products in China. Local executives in India considered shutting down part of one of Foxconn’s several assembly lines, isolating workers, and reviewing all possible ways to improve security around the device.

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