By 2033, Artificial Intelligence will be More Advanced than Humans

By 2033, Tesla’s new microprocessor will be more intelligent than people. According to research by Vinarama, a car and truck leasing company, the D1 microprocessor can carry out 362 billion operations per second, while the human brain can carry out 1 trillion operations per second, according to research by Vinarama. 

According to Vinarama, Elon Musk’s business will unveil its brand-new D1 chip this year. This chip will play a crucial role in both Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving system and the Dojo supercomputer platform.

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Scientists have long believed that there will come a time when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, although there are different opinions about when this will happen. It’s not crazy to believe that technology will become smarter than humans within our lifetimes, says Venarama. Today, microchips are capable of acting as synapses (connections between nerve cells) in the human brain.

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