Charge your Electric Vehicles within 3 Minutes with Eden Energy Batteries

Eden Energy will soon introduce batteries for electric vehicles that can be charged in three minutes and will not deteriorate for 20 years. A license and $5.15 million in funding have been granted to Waltham, Massachusetts-based firm Eden Energy for the large-scale production of batteries for use in electric vehicles.

Instead of using lithium ions, Harvard University researchers used lithium metal to make the battery. Metal is present in batteries and quickly degrades them. At the moment, lithium-ion batteries found in electric vehicles degrade with time and have a usable life of seven to eight years, depending on their usage. It resembles a phone battery.

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Drivers are better off purchasing a new electric vehicle because lithium-ion batteries can be replaced, but they can be fairly pricey. This brand-new lithium metal solid-state battery has a 20-year lifespan, which is comparable to that of gasoline and diesel automobiles. It will be extended for one year, and there will be no need to change it during that time.

I fully charged this battery sample in the lab in 3 minutes, even though it has a lifetime of more than 10,000 charges. This new battery is the work of Wale Shin Lee and colleagues.

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