Deepfake Technology Increases the Threat to the World

 Deepfake technology is widely used for cyber-attacks and now poses a threat to the real world, according to a study. It is disclosed in an analysis that, in this technology world, the threat would be high.

VMware’s Annual Threat Response Report says with the help of this look and vocal transforming technique, there is an increase of 13 percent in 2021 in its users. A deep fake technology replaces a person’s face with another. It looks like the video is of that person, but the reality is completely opposite.

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The report says the world will confront the danger of cyber attacks by deepfake technology, but it is still appearing. The technology developed worldwide in 2019, and specialists have been aware it could extort women into fake nudity and add flame to political contention.

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Previously fake pictures or videos were simply picked up, but today the technology has developed. In March, a fake video of the Ukrainian president, which he denied but was believed to be genuine, went viral.

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The report expresses that deepfake invasions boosted by 78% in 2021 and were largely applied to hack business emails. This is done by hackers as they do this to gather delicate details. The professionals who collected the report told that the percentage of cyberattacks grew by 60% after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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