Elon Musk Linking Internet and Mobile Signal Systems with Satellites

Elon musk is linking Tesla Cars to Satellites and Replacing Traditional Internet and Mobile Signal Systems with Satellites. The owner of the Tesla company, Elon Musk, said he is linking the Tesla car to Thessaloniki satellites but will install antennas connected to satellites for mobile networks and cell phone connections. It Provides Internet to that areas where signals do not reach.

Following Elon Musk’s announcement, he responded when one of his tweets from him for Tesla cars to connect to the Starlink satellite. However, at the moment, the Tesla Car US network is connected to the AT&T network. Elon Musk did not elaborate. He must have said that the cellular network is possible with satellites. Each of his link systems claims to be able to provide a four megabyte per second connection to anyone who comes into range.

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The service does, however, allow you to watch live video over the internet, but Elon Musk said it shouldn’t be any better than regular internet in the long run. Tesla agreed with the American cell phone company for quality connectivity in his cars so they can take help from Google maps. It is not confirmed when Tesla links its products with satellites.

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