Now Facebook & Instagram Users Can Recover Deleted Accounts

Facebook is giving great news to its users s after 18 years by solving users’ issues. Meta is providing support to Facebook and Instagram for those users whose accounts are deleted. Brent Harris, Meta’s vice president, says the company is doing very much work on customer service support. It is actually after 18 years that meta is working to make a customer service division, although it is not clear what work this customer service division will do.

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According to Meta, the company is working first time on it that users will get immediate support about their locked or deleted accounts. Within real-time, a user can take support from the company, but Facebook has not passed any comment about the customer service division.  Some reports are saying that Meta will improve the customer support system. Meta’s continuous improvement in customer service is the result of feedback from its supervisory board. Now Facebook and Instagram Customer Service Support recover deleted accounts in real-time

Facebook’s independent body was created to monitor and change Meta’s decisions and has received more than a million requests so far.

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