Facebook Messenger’s New Feature For Securing Chats and Calls

The good news for users who use Facebook Messenger to chat with friends and family is that Messenger has now started experimenting with various privacy features. A user of any social media service forever wants to clear that his online communications are confidential and safe.

Now, the world’s broadest social networking Facebook Messenger app is starting to test “end-to-end” features to make messaging more secure. Messenger’s blog post states that messages between users under the “end-to-end” features will not be seen or accessed by Facebook or any third party other than the previous.

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Users will soon be able to “end-to-end” their messages and chat history. Messenger Chat will also introduce a feature that allows users to save chats for a brief period if they wish before it deleted by themselves. It does not matter where we chat on a mobile or a computer. But a person can come back.

For this feature’s use, the Meta will help users make passwords or PINs for the safety of chat history. With this security feature, end-to-end calls will be possible without distortion from the third party.

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