Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram will have Paid Features

A new report has revealed that Meta is likely to introduce some features on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp that will be accessible. It will be possible for the money.

According to a new report, Meta began considering the introduction of paid features in its apps after the company’s revenue dwindled. The report cited a company memo that said Meta is working on such features. According to the report, in June 2022, Mark Zuckerberg said that revenue from paid features would not be possible before 2024.

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According to the report, Meta has established a new product organization called New Monetization Experiences for this purpose. “We think people will be willing to pay to use new types of products and features,” said Meta vice president John Hageman. But he did not say when such paid features may be introduced. He said that the ads will still exist in the apps.

Twitter also introduced a subscription service called Twitter Blue that provides access to special features. But billions of people around the world use Meta’s apps, so the revenue from paid apps will be much higher than Twitter’s.

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