Google Added “journeys” Feature in Google Chrome to Help Review Past Searches

There is the estimation that Google Chrome is the most popular browser, with 2.65 billion internet users globally. Chrome has the mastery to make its users stuck with it for better results. By looking at the ease of its users now, Google Chrome added a new feature called “journeys” to its’s History tab for better management of browsing history.

Remember this when you press Ctrl+H in google chrome, your web browser will open the tab History to see visited pages history. Another way to open this chrome history is by clicking three dots in the upper right corner of the chrome browser, then clicking on the “History” from the menu, and a new side tab will appear. Then, click again on the History option, and you will see the “chrome history” will be open, then you see the entire search history.

In the chrome History tab, the search pages have categorization by time. The latest visit page or link appears at the top and the oldest at the end. Although, it is difficult sometimes to find something you are searching for in browse history. Google Chrome solves this issue by introducing the new feature of ” journeys” this feature will help you find what you need in your browser.

Anyway, this feature is now in all recent updates. After this change, if you open the History tab, it will show two options list and journeys. By clicking on the list option, you will see the old-style history page. But by clicking on the “journeys” feature, you will find the history page divided into two segments.

One of the sections will give you a group of searches and websites related to a particular keyword word. It makes the review of browser history easier while searching for specific topics. But, when you search browser history in feature journeys, results will appear in the form of groups.

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