Google Delayed Launch of Foldable Pixel Phone

Google will release its first foldable pixel phone in 2023. A supply chain analyst reported on Twitter that Google postponed the launch of its foldable Pixel phone until next spring. Google has reportedly delayed the launch of its first foldable phone.

The device could arrive at the end of next year. This year, Google will launch the Pixel 7 series and a Pixel Watch. The foldable Pixel phone has been the subject of rumors for some time. This device is not coming soon as the launch delays. It explains why the search company didn’t touch the flip phone at its recent Google I/O Developers Conference. Google confirmed the existence of the long-awaited Pixel Watch but didn’t say when it unveiled its first foldable phone.

Google initially announced the device in 2021, which did not happen. Later, it announced that the foldable pixel phone would arrive in late 2022. A Korean website report “The Alec” shows that the launch postpones because the product is not ready yet. A supply chain analyst also backed up the claims, saying that Google had, according to his sources, delayed the launch until next spring.

While people won’t get to see the foldable phone this year, they will at least get to experience Google’s first smartwatch. The teasers revealed wearable faces and crowns for navigation, similar to Apple watches. It will come with Fitbit integration. Later this year, we will also see the launch of Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro flagship smartphones. The device got powered by the next-generation Google Tensor chipset and will have a triple rear camera setup.

The company is also working on an Android tablet due out next year. Google took a look at its first tablet during a recent developer conference. The device got power from Google’s in-house Tensor chipset. The teasers show that it has a simple design that someone may have seen on other Android tablets, a reasonable bezel, and a camera on the front. More details will reveal Later this year or in 2023.

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