Google has Replaced SMS and MMS with RCS Messaging Protocol

Google has been trying to replace SMS and MMS with the new RCS messaging protocol. But Apple declined to adopt this new messaging service, so Google launched a new campaign. Google created a website called Get the Message urging Apple to support the RCS standard for cross-platform messaging on iPhones.The website claims to improve the messaging process between iPhones and Android devices, while Get the Message hashtags are also used-up for this purpose.

Now, a message appears in a green bubble in the iPhone’s Messages app, and the app uses Apple’s iMessage service for messaging with all advanced features. However, messages from Android are visible in the old SMS standard on the iPhones, and it is not attainable to use the new features. With this issue in mind, Google has been pushing Apple for months to support RCS, which contains most of iMessage’s functionality.

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Google says it hopes all mobile operating systems to updated with RCS. Note that Google has been trying to introduce RCS for many years, but this process has been slow. However, Google took over management of RCS in 2019, as it has been available in most parts of the world and used via the Google Messages app. It is an end-to-end encrypted service for one-to-one chats and introducing group chats by the end of 2022.

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