Google Introduced Android Earth Quake Alert system to Pakistan

Pakistan has a brief history of damaging earth shocks, particularly in the northern and western regions of the country. Google in Pakistan has introduced the Android Earth Quick Alert system for earthquake notification. This alert system is a helpful feature of the Android that sensors earth shocks in the world and alarms people.

The system uses accelerometers on active Android smartphones to detect seismic activity and notify directly of earthquakes via search and device.

What Sort of Information does the Earth Quick Alert system Give?

 In a statement, the search company said that the Android Earth Quick Alerts system is a free and useful Android feature that detects and alerts people to earthquakes around the world.

This system provides instant information when people search for “earthquake” or “earthquake near me” and get suitable results. They get information like information about helpful resources and what to do after an earthquake.

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How to disable these Alerts:

When people search for “earthquake” or “earthquake near me,” they will find related results as well as helpful resources on what to do after an earthquake. 

Users who do not wish to receive these alerts can disable them in their device settings. They can disable these alerts by going to the device settings.

Types of Alert: 

People receive alerts in two ways: through search and directly on the Android mobile. The Android Earth quick, alert system on mobile devices shows two types of alerts depending on the magnitude of the earthquake.

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Alerts Warning: 

Be Aware Alerts people when an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 or 3 or 4 on the Modified Merkley Intensity Scale (MMI) occurs.

B-Alert warns people when a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurs, or one of magnitude 3 or 4 on the MMI scale. The notification is sent together with the distance to the center. The alert produces vibration without disturbing the settings of the phone.

How does the User identify notification?

This notification is sent along with distance information from the epicenter. The alert uses the phone’s current volume and vibration and does not alter the settings. 

Take Action is a full-screen alert for earthquakes greater than magnitude 4.5 or 5 and above on the MMI scale. To help people prepare for the possible vigorous shake, full-screen instructions are displayed and the phone beeps loudly.

Users understand earthquake notifications through the vibration of the phone. For an intense earthquake, the magnitude goes higher and the phone shakes loudly.

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