Hackers Attack Signal Messaging App 

Hackers attacked Signal’s private messaging app. Users’ phone numbers leaked after the app hacking. According to press reports, as a result of the hackers’ attack, the phone numbers and SMS codes of 1,900 users were exposed. It means hackers can potentially register these accounts on new devices.

Signal hacking is also a concern, as they recommend it for anyone who needs to keep their messages extremely secure. According to reports, this cyberattack was not directly on Signal but Twilio. It is a separate company that provides services to developers. Signal employs this company to verify users’ phone numbers during the registration procedure.

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Last week, Twilio announced that someone had hacked it, and users’ Phone Numbers leaked. The attackers accessed the company’s internal systems and gained access to customer data. The hackers entered the system and tried to access three accounts before they successfully registered one account.

Signal says they have terminated the attackers’ access. Those affected by the attack will receive messages asking them to re-register and cancel their accounts on any device they use.

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