Hundreds of People Will be Able to Try Samsung Products Before Release

Samsung time to time gives offers to its customers. Now Samsung has presented an attractive proposition for its users called ‘Early Bird to Go.’ Registered the 1,800 users in this scheme, users will be able to use Samsung products before they go on sale, from every product to folding phones. In this scheme, everything was included or even the headphones. Based on this, new Galaxy series devices, watches, and other accessories are only available to South Korean users.

Even though this is similar to the beta test, Samsung has announced it publicly rather than internally, which is also the most extraordinary aspect. However, there is one more condition: when you use Samsung products, you will present your experiences with Samsung products in the form of a story. It will be assessed by Samsung experts & those who describe the best trial will be part of the ‘early bird to go.’

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Samsung decides they present this offer at the big event. However, on August 10, Samsung will present its product at a big flagship event. In this event, Samsung includes the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z4. 

Now Samsung has started customer registration, which will begin on July 28 and continue until August 3; by August 8, 1,800 customers will be announced and provided with these products. All candidates registered on a first-come, first-served basis or a lottery system used in the event of oversubscription. In such a way, the winners test new Samsung phones and devices for all-out three days.

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