Instagram Bringing New Feature “I’m not interested” Button 

Instagram is testing a new feature for users. Instagram is testing new settings too. In a blog post, Meta said it is testing new settings on Instagram that will give users more control over the content displayed on the photo-sharing platform.

Instagram is testing a new feature for users. In this setting, multiple posts select an option, and the “I’m not interested” button can click, after which the Instagram algorithm will assume that the user is not interested in seeing such content. Currently, users can bookmark a single post by clicking on it, but it’s not possible to do this on the scale.

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Instagram is also testing another feature for users that will allow them to list keywords, phrases, emojis, and hashtags that don’t interest them for recommended posts. TikTok introduced a similar feature in June that allows users to tell algorithms what they want to see in their feed.

These new features on Instagram come at a time when many users are critical of the amount of suggested content.

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