Instagram Child Monitoring Feature Launched

 Meta said that this parental control is currently launched in the US and will roll out globally by the end of the year. In March this year, Meta announced the launch of the first watchdog for Instagram, which allows parents to track the time their children spend on social media.

In a blog post today, Meta announced that the company is introducing new features for teens and parents using Instagram. These new features will give parents more control over the photo-sharing app, giving them the option to limit their usage times on Instagram.

Meta said that currently this parental control has been issued in the United States, which will be released later in Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia. These features will be available globally by the end of the year.

Instagram launched its first parental controls in March, giving parents the option to see how much time their children spend on the app. According to this function, parents can see how long they follow their children by adjusting the time.

Additionally, children could alert their parents to inappropriate behavior. In the latest update, parents will need to ask their children for permission to apply this feature, and the children will send them invitations. Children can remove this control at any time, but notification to do so will go to their parents.

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Instagram has introduced new safety tools for parents. Meta on Wednesday announced a new set of tools designed to protect young consumers, a pending response to widespread criticism that the company is not doing enough to protect its most vulnerable customers. The set of monitoring features updates the parents about their children’s activities they will receive notifications about what they have reported.

Those tools will launch on Instagram in the US today and in May in the coming months, including the Meta K VR platform and the rest of the Meta apps (remember Facebook) for global users. Currently, teenage Instagram users must enable security tools from within their accounts, though the company says the option to introduce parental monitoring will roll out in June. 

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young and weak:

Over the past year, Instagram has come under fire for its lack of strong security features designed to protect young users. The company plans to develop a kids’ version of Instagram, which was revealed by BuzzFeed News earlier last year. 

Last September, the Wall Street Journal published a report on a series of investigations into the negative effects of the app on the mental health of adolescents, a scandal that accelerated the (temporary?) demise of Instagram for children. Meta has suspended plans for Instagram for kids in light of the WSJ reports, the public response, and an aggressive and unusually two-way pushback from industry regulators.

Meta is also facing pressure from competition. TikTok introduced its tools two years ago to let parents monitor their children’s app usage and updated the controls to make them more granular. The company launched its Kid Mode app “TikTok for younger users”, which in 2019 limits all dangerous features like messaging and commenting entirely.

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