Instagram includes exclusive Posts, Reels, and Chats for creators

Instagram has expanded subscriptions for creators in the United States. It is not sure when the model will reach creators in other countries. Subscriber chats support up to 30 people. Subscribers can join chats with a new “Join Chat” linked to the story. Creators will get a new profile tab for significant posts.

Instagram introduced a new feature earlier this year that allowed creators to charge a fee for their unique content. This company is now introducing new tools for creators to connect with subscribers on the platform. After testing special features in January of this year, the Meta-owned company now introduces Subscriber Chats, Subscriber Reels, Subscriber Posts, and Subscriber Home Page. Until now, creators could only post stories of subscribers on the profile with a special badge. They also had the option to feature Subscriber Live.

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Meta shared a blog post stating that Instagram subscriptions for creators expanded in the United States. The company also clarified that Meta will not charge a subscription fee until the end of 2024.

subscriber chat

This feature will connect fans with their favorite creators. The chat allows 30 people to talk about the things they are passionate about. Instagram says that subscribers chat via Messenger directly from their inbox or story and automatically end after 24 hours.

Subscribers can join chats with a new “Join Chat” linked to the story. Instagram DM also appears to have a dedicated tab to allow creators to manage chats and inboxes.

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Publications and special announcements

Following Subscriber Stories, creators can now post exclusive posts and releases. They will come with a ‘special’ tag or badge.

Instagram features 1

Similarly, there is a new tab in the profile that will contain only special posts. It’s not yet clear if the new tab will allow creators to pin posts.

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