Instagram requires users to pay to view Hidden Posts

Photo-sharing application Instagram requires users to pay to view some posts. Adam Mosseri announced that feed posts will only be visible to people who are subscribers. Previously, this feature was just applicable to stories, but Adam Mosseri said that the company received the most requests for this feature. This feature will also apply to Rails. Instagram will need users to pay money to view some hidden posts.

According to Adam Mosseri, creators will be up to direct messages to up to 30 subscribers at a time to engage with fans in a meaningful way. The new subscriptions will cost users between $0.99 and $99.99 per month, and it’s unclear when they will launch outside the US. The company’s chief executive said it’s a step in a long way, with the tools being rolled out to thousands of creators in the US.

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Users will be able to pay to see hidden posts and reels from certain content creators and even participate in private chats with up to 30 subscribers. Paying customers will have access to a dedicated home page for any account they sign up for, which will bring together in one place all the different types of exclusive content offered on the account.

It has already rolled out several updates to try to buy you time. Earlier this year, the company changed its algorithm to prioritize original content over TikTok shares, which in theory makes it more attractive to create dedicated videos for Instagram. 

The expansion builds on early ‘alpha’ subscriber features like dedicated stories, live video, and badges that were added to a small group of creator accounts in January. Since then, it has been given to tens of thousands of content creators in the US, whose feedback has been used to develop this latest round of updates.

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