Instagram Taking Back Step After Users complaints Reels 

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, had discussed some changes approximately a couple of weeks ago. Reels were already a feature of TikTok. While seeing users’ interest in making videos, Mark Zuckerberg announced the same Reels feature for Instagram by preferring the involvement of users. But unfortunately, the users are less satisfied with feedback regarding these changes. These changes also included an option from photos to videos, “Reels” is a new format to make posts to see its greater focus on suggestions.

Mosseri published a video (on Instagram) regarding managing the changes and criticism and addressed the controversial changes to the app. The company encountered extreme pushback for its switch. And the users showed content from outside the pool of accounts while using an updated suggested algorithm.

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Mosseri also talked about on new suggested algorithm. He said that Instagram is creating some changes to help you with more discoveries. Adam Mosseri says that after criticism of recent changes, we accept delayed crucial changes in the app. He further told about the meetup with the company with a determination for a future course of action. He said, “We’re glad we took the risk, ” so let’s work on it.

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After users’ complaints, the company is focusing on videos than photos. As the company is worried about the goodwill of the app, so the company decided temporarily to reduce the number of suggestions.


The Reels are a flourishing content style, and social media users like it too. The company Meta has plans to make its range vast. People appreciate videos on Instagram rather than photos. Meta is focusing more on videos.  After users complain about the Reels feature, Meta accepts there are still lacking, but they are trying a new thing, and they are ready if it fails as they believe it is not the failure that stops, tries not that stops.

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 Meta aimed to bounce back after covering up his flaws because Meta can compromise for achieving big, but can not compromise on big achievements. To know more about Reels and how it works, read these articles for a brief knowledge Instagram includes exclusive Posts, Reels, and Chats for creators , Instagram introducing reels

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