Internet and Mobile Data Services Affected Throughout Baluchistan

Recently, we know the flood conditions that are prevailing throughout Pakistan. Internet issues are increasing day by day only because of current flood situations. Baluchistan province is facing flood issues badly. Because of this disaster people of Balochistan are facing the loss of Internet signals. Everyone knows about the PTA company. The role of telecommunication in any country is worthy.

Floods are increasing day by day in Pakistan. People are greatly suffering from flood issues. For this purpose, the Pakistani government is requesting the whole world to provide helpful funds to make some strategies to solve the flood issues. Telecommunication companies alerted people about upcoming problems. The people of Baluchistan will not be able to have access to the internet and mobile data in the coming days.

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Due to superabundant floods in Baluchistan, the optic fibers are greatly affected. Mobile data connections are unavailable in cities like Chaman, loralai, and their surroundings. Tasks are assigned to the telecommunication authorities to solve the flood issues and provide the citizens with internet connectivity.

Calamitous rains have destroyed the Baluchistan province. Floods are causing problems, and optical fiber issues are occurring mainly. The people of Baluchistan will face more internet issues ahead. People are now unable to use internet facilities, especially in flood-residing areas. Mobile connections are necessary for communication because of flood destruction people are also devoid of internet availability.

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