Japan removed Pakistan from the “Red List Countries”

Japan recently removed Pakistan from the “Red List Countries” against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pakistani embassy in Tokyo also confirmed that the government of Japan removed Pakistan from the category of red list countries because of the efforts of the Pakistani embassy, the embassy confirmed in a tweet.

In addition, the new list of categories is applicable from July 27. In addition, the issued statement said that precautions against the coronavirus continue. The community of Pakistanis in Japan appreciated for keeping a close watch against Covid-19.

The Japanese government withdrew the country of Pakistan from the red group and removed restrictions. Now it is in a yellow group of countries. 

Pakistani Embassy in Japan announced in a statement that Pakistani Embassy’s efforts bore fruits, and Pakistan is not on the red list in Japan anymore.

According to the details, the new classification of Pakistan applied on July 27, but the precautionary measures will remain. The Pakistanis in Japan are alert against COVID-19.

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Information about a group reading

The countries listed in the Red Group require undergoing a coronavirus test upon arrival, including a 3-day quarantine at a government-designated facility. However, those with a valid vaccination certificate may undergo a 7-day home quarantine or a 3-day home quarantine and a voluntary negative test result.

Yellow Group Information

Countries listed in the Yellow Group will require a test on arrival with a 7-day home quarantine, or a 3-day home quarantine with a negative voluntary test result.

While, those who have a valid vaccination certificate will not need to undergo the arrival test, home quarantine, and other measures.

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Japan removed Pakistan from the category of red list countries. The precautionary measures against COVID-19 will maintain, and the new classification will take effect on July 27.

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