Lenovo Introduces T-One Glasses as a Virtual Display

Although there are many video projector glasses available on the market, Lenovo has introduced a pair of glasses called T-One that you can call a personal HD cinema while using on a wide screen. 

With the Lenovo Glass T-One, you can view videos and play games on a virtual screen after connecting your device to a computer, phone, or tablet. It has an OLED screen that can practically spread over a wide area by connecting it to a Bluetooth keyboard and can even use a Wacom-style pen.

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Each eye features a Full HD display with a 60Hz frame rate thanks to micro-OLEDs, but we are not sure if it will have a headphone jack or Bluetooth headset. The company claims that the virtual lens can function for hours with a single one-dollar charge, and it has a powerful battery that can connect to other devices. 

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