Making Calls Via Satellite is Possible with iPhone 14

Apple introduced the new iPhone 14 series with amazing features. One of them is emergency satellite connectivity. With this feature, a user can call an emergency through satellite. 

According to Apple, iPhone 14 has information stored regarding the satellite, and this information leads the device to turn in an accurate direction. We believe this technology is a powerful change for people living in backward areas.

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According to the BBC, in the new Apple iPhone series, Apple also introduced car accident detection technology for helping people in case of an emergency. The colors of the Apple iPhone 14 include Silver, Black, Gold, and Deep Purple, and a user can purchase the new iPhone 14 for $799 and the iPhone 14 Pro for $999 in the US. A user can purchase an iPhone 14 for £1,099 and an iPhone 14 Pro for £1,099 in the UK. 

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