Meta Announces Conference to Showcase Metaverse Technology

Meta announces that it will conduct a one-day conference on October 11 on its virtual technology to answer the critics of virtual reality and new metaverse technology. The purpose of this conference is to discuss many aspects of virtual reality and make people familiar with the latest technologies. This technology is important to bringing changes to VR and AR technology. We expect leading experts in the field to present their research and report applications. 

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At this conference, Meta will present “Cambria,” which is the most advanced headset with higher quality photos and video than the Quest. Through its external camera, the user can use it to learn about the outside environment. We expect the Cambria to cost less than $1,000, while conventional headphones are typically available for $200 to $300. Mark Zuckerberg is confident about Metaverse’s future, but experts believe it does not have a bright future, and Meta invested a lot.

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