Monitor Oxygen Level in Body by Smart Phone

From asthma to COVID-19, there are many conditions where blood oxygen levels are repeatedly measured. We can use pulse oximeters or a smartphone oxygen monitoring app. Although it can sometimes complicate the testing process.

To make the procedure simpler, researchers have developed a smartphone app that uses the light and camera of the device to monitor blood oxygen levels. During testing, scientists from the Universities of Washington and California, San Diego demonstrated that a smartphone is capable of detecting up to 70% of blood oxygen levels. This is the bare minimum a pulse oximeter should be able to pick up.

To record a video using the newly created approach, the user must place their finger on the smartphone camera and flash. The oxygen content of the blood is subsequently determined using the photos by a deep learning system. The researchers chose six people between the ages of 20 and 34 to test the software.

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Each participant wore an oximeter on one finger of their hand and covered the smartphone’s camera and flash with the other finger of the same hand. The study’s lead author, Edward Weng, claimed that the camera captures video. Fresh blood flows through the area that the flash illuminates with each heartbeat.

The camera calculates the amount of light absorbed by the blood. A deep learning model is then fed into the generated high-level predictions. Each subject inhaled an artificial environment of nitrogen and oxygen for 15 minutes, gradually lowering their oxygen levels. The smartphone then precisely records the oxygen level.

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