Next Apple MacBook Model May Have an iPhone Charger

The next Apple MacBook model may include an iPhone charger. A patent for Apple MacBook with a wireless charger in a laptop. The US Patent Office has granted Apple patents on dozens of new inventions. They will include fingerprint sensors, Apple’s MacBook charging interface, and, most importantly, the iPhone charger as part of the MacBook laptop.

Future laptops include these features, but no end date given. However, a patent granted to Apple two days ago indicates that the MacBook’s transparent fingerprint system will help draw a straight line and a curve on the screen.

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Another patent sketch shows there is a designated space for the iPhone, which has many other angles. According to technicians, this is a place where the palm rests under the MacBook keyboard, under which a wireless charging coil, and there is a strong possibility that it can charge by placing an iPhone on it. It will be the first time Apple Laptop will include an iPhone charger.

Another proprietary MacBook has a side-mounted biometric palm sensor, but it will also be able to record the user’s heart rate, temperature, blood-oxygen level, and other physical conditions. The technology has developed in the wake of the Corona epidemic.

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Apple is considering a dual-screen MacBook with a built-in wireless iPhone charger. Apple has patented a way to charge your iPhone using your MacBook.

A new proprietary touchscreen demonstrates the technology with MacBook.It also includes fingerprint technology that extracts and selects objects using touch-sensitive keys. A new Apple patent revealed today that the company is considering a MacBook that can wirelessly charge your iPhone and accept touch input.

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The device with the ‘Integrated Interface System’ patent states: A laptop consists of a display component with a screen and the main part connected to the display component. The base part may include the lower shell and the upper shell, which is made of a dielectric material, that is attached to the lower shell. The top box may include a top member that defines the top surface of the base portion and together with the top member forms a side wall and defines the side surface of the base portion. The laptop may include a detection system, including a first detection system designed to locate touch input applied to the top of the base component and a second. A detection system is configured to determine the strength of the touch input.

The MacBook details patent includes a wireless power transfer system with its twenty parts, which are designed to be combined with a portable electronic device so that the portable top of the portable electronic device can be mounted on the outer surface. To power and transmit power to the laptop. The electronic device through the upper flat outer surface of the central part, basically wireless charging of devices such as Apple’s best iPhone, iPhone 13.

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The patent also demonstrates techniques that can be used to make your keyboard touch-sensitive so that input can be accepted, such as a touchscreen or dual-screen laptop that can be used to type input.

The screen may be the first screen, and the laptop may include the second screen within the base portion and is viewable through the top case. The second screen can be configured to display the keyboard image in the keyboard region of the top case. The keyboard image may contain an image of a key, and the other detection system may be configured to record key input in response to which key input is detected and the power limit is exceeded. It can be done to maintain power.

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The bottom of the Mac includes not only the screen, but also the accelerometer and biometric sensors that can take your fingerprint for security, blood oxygen, blood sugar, eye tracking, retina scanning, and more. they can.

Apple’s patent also makes provisions for displays that use LCD, LED, and OLED display technology, which we’ve heard rumors of for future MacBooks in 2024.

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This huge retina of the update may be a pipe dream, as patents often do, but it could also point in the direction in which Apple hopes to get the best MacBook of the future. The company recently unveiled its new M2 MacBook Air and M2 MacBook Pro (2022), the latter of which will launch this week.

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