Now Save Phone’s Battery up to 30%

Experts made an international app for preserving smartphone battery use by up to 30 percent. Many international companies are taking an interest in this wonderful app of experts. We expect that soon this app will presented to smartphone companies. The Essex University experts made this electricity-saving app, and they named it ‘e-optimizer’. The use of this app will save a large quantity of electricity. This application is based on artificial intelligence technology. 

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In the first phase, the companies Nokia and Huawei expressed their interest in this app. This app reduces excess electricity use in tablets, laptops, cars, phones, and other devices. One more benefit of this app is that it will reduce the cost of carbon in the world. One research it is indicated by 2025 the number of handheld electronic instruments in the world will reach 50 billion, so this e-optimizer app is a crucial need to save on energy use as it is an important tool to save energy and carbon use. The program saves energy whenever possible by observing each process like it saves energy at a high temperature.

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