Now Test Coronavirus by App Free at Home 

Technology help so far in the field of medicine, and AI brings a lot of goodwill to diagnose diseases like now by, now we can detect Covid 19 free of cost through this. Every individual can install this application to operate this app a patient needs to speak in it, and after that voice sample is compared with data and an algorithm tells about the disease. AI ​​model is so effective in diagnosing and rapid too in testing by smartphone.

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According to the preliminary experiment, 4536 healthy people affected by Covid were contacted, and a total of 893 voices were registered, 308 of them already suffered from Covid, and this app test on them for analysis, the patients were asked to speak, breadth and cough three times and record the sound, then they were asked to breathe in through their lungs and out through their mouth three to five times. The patient read a sentence three times. Through voice analysis, this app successfully identified the disease in the patients.

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