Now TikTok Will Track The User Activity

Facebook and Instagram are adding new features to their apps. Now TikTok is doing the same. A software researcher revealed that now TikTok will also act as a monitoring app and have an eye on our activity. TikTok will also have access to check the user’s TikTok history.

Founder of the testing company known as Krause. Google did this testing five years ago. Some users are not familiar with Forbes. Forbes is a platform that is involved in technology dealings. Recent research work submitted to Forbes company.

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TikTok is adding a new feature by inserting code. Now users will open the website or visit the desired website through a link. This new coding feature will fully monitor the whole activity without any interference. The code will track the browsing app as well.TikTok’s new coding feature use to hack debit cards or passwords, which can cause some issues. Some media sources also revealed that inserting code is a new feature. The formation of this new feature is a multi-engineering task done by the expert team members.

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TikTok has submitted the summary of this new feature to Forbes that insertion of code will be present in the TikTok app. The purpose of inserting this code is not to misuse the history activity but only for security.

Inserting code in the TikTok app will cause no harm to the user’s privacy or personal data that will supervise the app activity and browsing of other apps via links.

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