Pakistan has Overtaken India in Mobile Phone Internet Speed

Pakistan is winning the race of internet speed of mobile phones, leaving India behind. Ookla, the international internet speed telling site, according to the issued list of internet speeds of various states in July. The list states UAE, Qatar, and South Korea in these countries, it is delighting the use of the internet on cell phones. The UAE is at the top with 120.35 Mbps moderate download speed and upload speed of 21.07 Mbps.

Qatar secured a second position at 117.43 Mbps speed. South Korea secured third place with 109.65 Mbps. After improving two ranks on this list of 139 countries, Pakistan has achieved position 114. The download speed in Pakistan is 14.33 Mbps, with an 8.60 Mbps upload speed. Pakistan is leading among countries of its block, such as Nepal ranked 115th, Bangladesh 130th, India 17th, Sri Lanka 125th, and Bangladesh 130th.

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The Latin American country, Chile, is at the top with an internet speed of 212.98 Mbps as their internet speed in Chile is 212.98 Mbps, Singapore with 211.36 Mbps internet speed and Thailand average inter 189.14 Mbps internet speed. Pakistan is ranked 153rd in the list of 182 countries with an internet speed of 9.82 Mbps, while India is at the 17th position with 48.03 Mbps.

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