Pakistan Will Face More Internet Disruption

Internet is everyone’s need. for every person. Recently, we know the current situation of Pakistan’s flood issues. Pakistan will face more flood issues in the upcoming days. Water issues will also distort the internet connections in the whole country. We can say that floods are causing loss to the technology side too. Users will not have internet access.

Floods are damaging the telecommunicating cables that will distort internet services overall. Heavy damages to the optic fibers occurred in Sindh and rural areas.PTCL recently made a paper report.

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The telecommunication company said that internet connections are disrupted due to water damage. Users will face internet difficulty due to the heavy flood ranges. Internet will not be available.

Pakistan telecommunication reported that disruption of internet or signals was available not because of any intelligence issue but only because of flood issues. Water digging is NOW started by the workers to make the locator fibers water-free. The internet issues mainly occurred in Sindh province. Flood-targeted cities are Ghotki and Sukkur.

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Syed Aminul Haque, the head of the technology company, said that the situation was worst and we should expect to see more issues in the future due to flood damages.

Due to flooding, cable networks are sunken in the water. No internet services are available. An emergency is declared by the telecommunication company so that they can end this problem. Because of signal issues, citizens have no access to the internet to do their routine work.

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