Popular Accounts on TikTok Now Receive Money Through Live Streaming

TikTok is soon launching a live streaming feature for earning money like Facebook and Instagram. The company was unable to determine the monetization value of popular accounts. To access the live subscription feature, users must be at least 18 years old also subscribers must be the same age.

Other major social media platforms that focus on video, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, provide services under revenue sharing. Remember that the number of users of the video-sharing application on TikTok is more than one billion.

TikTok Live Stream Subscription Service Compete With Twitch

The popular live video app now offers concessions in monthly access fees. Monetization tools have empowered video game streamers on Twitch for years, and TikTok took notice. Twitch, owned by Amazon.com Inc. It started in 2011 and won with video games like League of Legends or Fortnight.

Reuters reports that TikTok is also spending heavily on gaming and testing to highlight games on its platform. Some of these games can be part of the TikTok Live experience, where streamers play together and bring their audience together. Whereas, Twitch Streamers use extensive PC setups to improve streaming performance, not all TikTok Live content creators have access to PC Live Streaming.

Now, Twitch is ahead on this front. Last month, BBJess said he received an email from TikTok inviting them to the beta program for TikTok Live subscriptions. His most lucrative TikTok stream earned him dollars 200 for three hours of work. 

Mike Lee, a sports agent at United Talent Agency, said, “Once TikTok learns to help its creators monetize their content, you should give creators a platform. We’ll look to spend more time and stay in touch.” presence there.”

It is probably going to change. In a live subscription playbook shared with Bloomberg, TikTok pitches the show as “a new monetization opportunity for you to generate the expected income every month through the continued support of your busy followers.” Features will include subscriber badges, custom emotes, and subscriber-only chats.

TikTok declined to comment on the value of these subscriptions. A spokesperson said that after the app store fee, creators split TikTok revenue 50/50.  Twitch Partners, a program for 51,500 top streamers earning revenue from 5 minimum monthly subscriptions, signs a special deal with the platform. Some streamers avoid these special offers and continue live streaming on TikTok anyway.

Bloomberg reports that as part of an effort to improve the payment structure for creators, Twitch has considered removing its feature clauses. Until TikTok improves its features, Twitch will continue to be the go-to app for live streaming. BBJess is using TikTok to bring his audience back to Twitch, where he is focusing on his live streaming efforts. 

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