PTA has Decided to Audit the Data and Infrastructure of Telecom Companies

PTA is now determined to investigate telecom operations’ data and infrastructure so they can estimate transparency. For this, they will audit videos, voicemails, and other data servers.

Know how secure is user data with carriers? The auditing will create a cybersecurity structure for the telecommunications service providers. The document establishes that all companies must provide access to data auditors upon request, consumer data protection report to the PTA, telecommunications companies to the data steering committee, and infrastructure protection.

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Now the steering panel will support the infrastructure security policy. Companies with the best tools and protected public data will also audit. If a license holder does not take the security criteria in time, a final report is an issue against him. To be transmitted to the PTA, to the infrastructure of the licensees, in terms of data security, an emergency action plan is ready for telecommunications infrastructure threat.

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