PTA Introduces Temporary Mobile Phone Registration for Overseas Pakistanis

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has expressed that it will soon have developed a new plan for a “temporary registration” of mobile devices for overseas Pakistanis.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has developed a new method of mobile phone registration on a temporary basis with FBR for overseas Pakistanis who visit Pakistan for a short time. This procedural plan will resolve the difficulties faced by Overseas Pakistanis and foreigners.

The PTA is trying to make this method helpful and technically functional for overseas Pakistanis and foreigners. After testing this new plan, it will activate soon for use.

Overseas Pakistanis (including Pakistani students and working people) when visiting Pakistan. They raised concerns about the blocking of their mobile phones. A new system is developed jointly by DIRBS, FBR, and PTA. The purpose of this system will resolve issues of temporary mobiles phone registration. They formed it with the collaboration of FIA and Mobile Phone Operators.

This system is for those overseas Pakistanis and foreign citizens who do not want to keep their mobile devices in Pakistan. This module is applicable for only one mobile device.

Now overseas Pakistanis and foreigners can get facilitation with this procedure. Under the new method, mobile devices will be allowed to work for 120 days without any taxes/duties. Applicants must apply for ‘Temporary Registration’ by entering their credentials and device IMEI through the PTA’s Device Identification Registration and Lockout System (DIRBS).

The PTA will integrate the system with the FIA’s Integrated Border Management System (IBMS) for passport number verification and incorporates mobile operators to verify the applicant’s mobile number SIM card.

If the same applicant revisits Pakistan, they will be required to reapply to avail of this re-registering scheme. This system will make it easier for overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals to come to Pakistan in the short term. Similarly, the controls introduced under this system will ensure that only genuine Pakistani/foreign citizens abroad avail such a facility.

The initiative has emerged as a significant step taken by the PTA and FBR to provide maximum convenience to overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals coming to Pakistan on a short-term basis.

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