realme 9 with 108MP Ultra-clear camera & First-ever HM6 sensor

In recent times, the pressure in society to have a good phone with a high-end camera has increased as people look for more features in their portable devices. Today, people want a phone with all the modern features, and they want a phone to can click high-quality HD photos for their daily or professional use.

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Pro-Life camera 

Smartphone companies work on their camera modules because it is an essential selling attribute of current smartphones. Now, companies are making a phone appealing to the average consumer and photography enthusiast. Almost all the brands are trying to include as many megapixels as possible. After looking at the importance of good quality cameras and megapixels, realme has introduced a new smartphone, the realme 9 4G, with an improved 108MP Pro-Life camera setup.

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Role of megapixels in smartphone cameras

The number of megapixels in smartphone cameras plays a vital role in how your photos appear on the big screen. A higher MP count means the picture shows excellent results when we enlarge it without compromising quality.

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Benefits of taking 108MP photos

There are many benefits of 108MP photos. One of the benefits of taking a 108MP photo on smartphones like the Realme 9 4G is the amount of detail and information about the subject that the photo can retain. Compared to a 64MP photo, a 108MP photo can capture much more detail. It means the image will still look higher quality when you enlarge and crop the original image compared to lower resolution images.

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The ISOCELL HM6 sensor

The realme 9 4G is the first smartphone equipped with the new Samsung HM6 sensor, which allows it to offer superior results. Equipped with 108 million pixels as small as 0.64μm, the ISOCELL HM6 sensor is capable of reproducing captured memories in stunning high-definition detail.

The large sensor can capture good details even in low light conditions. It should go well with a working night mode. Additionally, there’s a Smart ISO feature that lowers ISO for brighter images and raises ISO for less noise in underexposed areas of a scene. Sensor also gives you support for 6k 30fps video recording, so it will be quite good for content creators.

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A large 5000 mAh battery 

 A large 5000 mAh battery powers the device with support for 33W DartCharge fast charging technology via USB Type-C so you can use the device for long periods without a hitch.

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From a connectivity perspective, the phone supports dual-SIM 4G LTE connectivity and dual-band Wi-Fi. So don’t wait to get your own realme 9 4G available at your nearest smartphone store or online through official realme stores exclusively at Daraz and AlfaMall for only PKR 54,999/.

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