Robotic Human Singer Ruling Microblogging Website With More Than 15 Million Views

Digital humans: We have been hearing about robots for a long time, about the advancement of human intelligence, and about new inventions over time. At first, scientists designed robots with the help of very superficial science, but as science revolutionized, the reports also became more sophisticated. Artificial intelligence introduced humankind to a new world, and today most of the tasks in our daily lives are done with the help of artificial intelligence, especially on mobile phones. All current technology is due to him. There is no doubt that humans have developed like a competition, and this race to outdo themselves has outpaced even advanced technologies like artificial intelligence.

Simon Jong, a Chinese celebrity, released songs on the microblogging website with more than 15 million people. The highlight of this video was that it was not June jong who sang the song but his virtual or digital counterpart. A company called Baidu by artificial intelligence created this digital human robot. No, artificial intelligence also made the voice and music used in the song.

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Now a new debate has begun about whether we can use it for other purposes and digital humans working through artificial intelligence. What are the pros and cons of its use in the future? There is no denying that many industries worldwide use this technology for economic growth. They are also promoting their business. Even companies from many walks of life are using this digital human being. According to one estimate, its market may reach 530 billion dollars by 2030.

According to a report by Baidu Company, this digital human may become a famous person or your financial advisor in the future. In fact, with the help of artificial intelligence, it created a character that looks exactly like a human. Today almost every service provider has a window in their app or website that supports them, called automated chatbots (chatbots). This technology has developed that talking to him feels more up-close and personal. It is not like a human is talking to a machine or a program. By using artificial intelligence through the program, you can understand. Anything you say in a moment,s and anyone can get it anytime, anywhere.

In 2019, Baidu Company partnered with a bank through which they began recruiting digital employees. Today, 460,000 customers from the same bank are in contact with digital employees. The bank had contracted in 2019. Even today, most people do not know that the Beijing Winter Games in 2022 was a commentary in sign language for people with hearing and speech disabilities and that the commentator was a digital human.

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They designed the robots to imitate any human movement, habit, and language and can read books with the help of artificial intelligence and respond to any message by speaking. And if someone has said something that means something different, the robot can understand it. These digital humans collect data so that the next generation of digital humans will have more intelligent brains than them. Amazingly, AI-powered technology is so concerned about its future that so interacting with existing humans and observes human emotions and movements for the technology to follow. He can relate to humans even better.

If you carefully study this theory about whether artificial intelligence will outperform humans, many facts amaze the human mind. Time will tell if the excessive use of artificial intelligence can be dangerous or not, but the technology reaches the hands that have some unique attachment to humanity. I am If it is not maintained, it can cause losses.

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