Russia Is Going To Restrict Social Media

Russia is known as the world’s most powerful country. Recently, Russia has taken strict actions against several technology companies and departments. Among these apps are Tiktok, telegram, and many other technological apps.

The statement has been made by the Russian government for the technology departments that their website will remain blocked until they don’t follow the rules and obligations required from the technological companies.

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If the technological companies don’t remove or delete the unauthorized content from their apps. The apps will remain blocked until they don’t remove the unnecessary content from their websites.

Russia also scared technological companies. According to the statement, these companies break the legislative rules by making false statements about Russia and the Russian army. Doing this, Russia is taking strict actions by charging heavy fines to these companies.

Recently Russia was considered an attacker as it attacked Ukraine and played a devastating role in this country. In March 2022, the Russian agency declared its military operation. Some companies took advantage of their app services and exploited the situation.

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As Russia already alerted the social media platform, if anyone spreads false statements against the country or armed force without issuing a warning letter action will be taken against them and sites will be blocked by the computer departments.

Steps have been taken against these law-violating companies and including TikTok streaming. Heavy fines have been imposed on technological companies by Russia. An amount of $33,000 and $179,000 has been fined to the companies for rule-breaking. Websites will remain inactive unless the respective apps will not remove irrelevant content.

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