Samsung Launching “S22 Bora Purple” Phone

Samsung company announced its new mobile phone in a new color a day ago. It falls in the Galaxy S22 series. Earlier, it was known as Double Violet. Double Violet also has the same color. But that was more clear and in a shade of pink. And this new mobile has all parts of the same color, whether it is the camera area, the frame, or the bulk of the back of the phone.

The company took the name of the new mobile from the company’s favorite purple color. The color of the mobile is also Purple. Its name is Bora Purple. In February, Samsung had a magnificent launch. It revealed the launching of the Galaxy S22 with eight color optionsAnd, now Samsung is adding one more color to its list, and that color is purple.

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All colors have their significance, value, and characteristic. All colors belong to their heritage, and human being has their own color choices. Same Samsung is one of the most beloved for Samsung. For this color, Samsung says, “It is a compelling color.” It creates a different kind of energy by taking calmness from the blue color and the warmness and positiveness or optimism from red. It welcomes variety. With its latest color, Samsung expects to prompt excitement, happiness, innovation, and accept individuality.

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As Samsung said, Purple is the beloved color for the company. Now the company wishes to make more devices in this color. And all these devices will be available soon, around this year. In a press release, Samsung gives the name ‘Bora Purple.’ Bora is a Korean word used for the color purple.

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Samsung is launching a new mobile phone called “S22 Bora Purple”. Earlier, Samsung informed on August 10 about the selling of foldable phones, smartwatches, and traditional smartphones. Samsung will break this new big event.

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